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One of the reasons we started WorkJuggle was because of our own personal experiences with recruitment agencies trying to slot us into traditional job structures which no longer worked for us. We wanted to work flexibly. We wanted to have open and honest conversations with employers about our ambitions but also our capacity. We wanted to work remotely. We wanted to grow our skills and our experience and not feel like we were treading water. We wanted to be rewarded for getting the job done and not the hours spent at a desk.

If any of that sounds like you and you are a skilled professional with at least five years experience then please sign up to the WorkJuggle site and join our community. It is absolutely free to join and once part of the community you will be able to see all open roles. You are also welcome to come to our regular community events.

What our candidates say


Lyn, Marketing Manager


“The Workjuggle model and what it stands for really appealed to me. I’d worked as a project manager for one of the worlds' most reputable leading brands for over 13 years. I didn't want to give up this experience but yet I wanted to spend a little more time with my kids while they were small. The team at Workjuggle offered this service. I’d never seen this type of opportunity before but it made total sense. Flexible and remote working arrangements help the employer get the best out of the employee. Worklife balance allows us to work in a focused environment, enabling highly productive and efficient output.

It’s a win win. Not getting caught up in 9 – 5 but rather achieving workload in a timely manner benefits everyone. The modern employer is beginning to embrace this concept that when we trust and motivate our teams we get the work done, and done better. The opportunity to maintain a level of seniority on a 3 day week was exactly what I needed. Workjuggle gave me the chance to take this route and for that I am grateful.”

“WorkJuggle has been amazing in keeping me in mind when there is a possibility of a company considering entry-level appointments as well as more experienced hires. As someone with an atypical background looking for a technical role they have given me opportunities that I haven't seen come through any other agencies. I wasn't expecting to have such a personal experience with an online platform and I really appreciate it!”


Elaine, Developer


Mahmoud, Digital Marketer

“I came across WorkJuggle accidentally when I was looking for freelance projects and they helped me to connect with a great client. I wanted to thank all the team for the great service and support they provide.”


How it works?

  1. Register as a Candidate on the WorkJuggle Platform.
  2. Upload your CV or LinkedIn profile and picture (if you have it).
  3. Our Talent Partners will have a phone call with you to make sure WorkJuggle is the right place for you in terms of your experience and the type of roles you are looking for.

About WorkJuggle

WorkJuggle is a curated digital platform connecting highly skilled professionals to flexible, remote and contract roles across a range of disciplines including IT, Finance, Marketing & HR.

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