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The Balance for Better Business Report

‘Women are the most underutilised economic asset in the world and the countries and bus...

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InspireFest, 3 Years On

Three years ago, I first went to InspireFest. My children were still toddlers then and it ...

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Diverse Talent; Women Re Entry Workshop

There is always a moment at the start of our Re Entry workshops which I love. Each person ...

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Why do People Leave? Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

In today’s tight talent market it is harder and harder to recruit top talent. And yet some...

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Just Launched: Diversity & Inclusion from a Recruitment Perspective

WorkJuggle is excited to launch a new one day training programme; Diversity & Inclusion...

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Launching Unconscious Bias Training

WorkJuggle is delighted to use its deep expertise in the area of Diversity and Inclusion t...

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Flexibility or the "F Word"

Flexibility or the "F Word" as it is sometimes called is key to enabling fuller participat...

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WorkJuggle Launch Party

We were delighted to finally give WorkJuggle an official launch on the 26th of October 201...

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Social Media, Diversity & the Changing Power Structure

The last few weeks have seen two large corporations fail spectacularly on the public stage...

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